How do i get my WD 320gb portable hard drive to work on my xbox 360?

 recently bought Western Digital 320gb My passport portable hard drive for the sole purpose of being able to watch movies on my xbox 360 off of it. But i tried it and it didnt work so i looked it up and read all about the fat32 stuff and partition wizard, so i divided it into two halves, both fat32, one primary and one logical. and guess what, still doesnt work. But ive read online that it works for alot of people, please help me :frowning:

Hi dude, that depends on the type of Passports, the ones that are designed for computers (Rather the general use or multimedia) won’t work on the 360, even as FAT32.

The only Passport that WD clearly claims to be fully compatible and supported on an XboX 360 from the box, without having to format it or dealing with it is the Passport AV, which is also 320GB, so if possible that would be the drive to go for if it’s not to late to take the one you have back to the store…

Is this the one with the virtual CD and smartware?