How do I fix 'permissions' to access files?

I have photos & whatnot saved into my WD Essential external, but I when I try accessing my own photos, I get a pop-up telling me I’ don’t have “permissions” to open it.
I’ve already switched the “owner” to my 'name" in the permissions & it’s still not allowing me access.

I “fixed” this once before & have long since forgotten how I even did it.
I need to fix it *permanently*. Sick of going through with that every time.

Using Windows 7 on an hp laptop. I’m a novice, so I’d need step-by-step or a link. Thx!

Try using this and see how it goes

originally made for vista but it should work on 7

From Vista on sharing can be a pain. Did you try adding sharing with Everybody and use full permissions?