How do I encrypt My Book Studio on XP

Dear WD Community Users,

I have a My Book Studio portable drive, which was originally encrypted by BitLocker. It had no issue when I used it with Windows 7 systems. But laterly I had to decrypt the drive since I was not able to read the drive on an XP system. Now the questions is, how can I re-encrypt the drive on the XP system. It seems there is no document on WD website about this.

By the way, I have BitLocker, but I was told by our company’s helpdesk it can only be used on a system that had the chip (forgot the chip’s name). Since the XP system doesn’t have the chip, I can’t encrypt my portable drive. I’m not sure if this si a true statement.

Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

I saw this in Wikipedia…

The latest version of BitLocker, included in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, adds the ability to encrypt removable drives. These can be read, but not written, by Windows XP using Microsoft BitLocker To Go Reader program.

Thanks, Wayne. It’s much appreciated. Your answer confirms that XP can only have read access to BitLocker encrypted drive.It’s helpful!