How do I enable offline copies with my Win7 laptop?

I set up my DL4100 (and I have posted numerous problems here). Now I have a new one. I am storing a bunch of files on the DL4100, and I do have access to them. I can also VPN into the newtwork and get my files that way. However, sometimes I travel in areas where I don’t have internet access and still need some of my files. So, I tried to make the files I have on the DL4100 “available offline”, but to my surprise that doesn’t seem to work. The option is not available for the DL4100 folders. I read somewhere that I have to change a line in a samba conf file, which I did. Still no offline file availability. How do I set that up?


I believe that’s not possible through WD standard procedures. Let’s see if any of the users have tried something different to achieve that.