How do I Disable Security feature on my 1TB Essential

In my situation Security is not necessary.  It does impede the functionality of Lightroom.  I want to disable secuiry and have found no manual for the HD Essential.

Please provide me (a person with no technical skills) with a step by step on how to disable the security.  I read this “The Unlocker VCD remains hidden unless you set a password, and hides itself again when you remove a password, but it cannot be removed from the drive.” which sounds good, but I can’t figure out where to go to eliminate the password.  BASICS work best for me.


If you have smartware installed, go to the setup tab, setup drive/security and from there you can disable the password. Check the link below to download the latest smartware version if you don’t have it.

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Thanks for your reply.  It was most helpful.

Be well!