How do I delete unwanted files that are filling up my 2TB Passport?

I have found that besides the daily backup of designated file categories, My 2TB Passport is storing files that I did NOT designate for backup to over 1.7 TB! How do I eliminate these extra files without wiping out the ones I wanted backed up?


You can access the backup folder and delete the unwanted files from there.

The backup folder is called “WDSmartware.swstor” and it is located on the root of the Passport drive.

Thank you for your reply Hamlet! I opened the "“WDSmartware.swstor” folder and subfolders, but find nothing near being label

ed “backup”, nor “root”, nor “Passport drive”. I’m attaching a screen shot. (I did manage to ‘bulk’ delete a huge "file history"for which I had never seen before & no idea why it was being backed up)

Click on the “Users” folder, and you should be able to see your folders which you have backup. :slight_smile:

Just bought MyPassport. How do I access HWDSmartware.swstor? Thank you!

By double-clicking it, or by right-clicking over it and selecting “Open”. This is done on Windows Explorer.