How do I delete all files on My Cloud?

I’ve given up on SmartWare and have decided to use MyCloud as a standalone drive that I can access remotely. Wanting to start over, I decided to essentially reformat the drive using utilities/full restore. Following completion of this task I was surprised to see that 1TB of the 3TB drive is still there. I tried to delete the files using Windows Explorer and can’t do it because MyCloud is continuing to update. In fact, the storage has added another 200GB of whatever I don’t know and continues to add files as indicated by hitting refresh in Windows Explorer.

How can I stop the updating so that I can delete all files on MyCloud? Or is there a utility other than Windows Explorer to do this?

Full Restore can take an extremely long time to run since it is securely wiping the My Cloud hard drive. It could potentially take as long as 24 hours for the drive to be wiped.

Thanks. After I finally got MyCloud to stop updating I was able to delete all files using Windows Explorer.