How Do I Create a Video Playlist?

I have numerous short videos on a U.S.B. thumb drive. I have not been able to figure out how to get the WD TV Live to automatically play all of the videos, or all of the videos in a folder, one after the other.

Is creating an AutoPlay folder the method for doing this? Or is there another method that involves creating a playlist?

Also, I got AutoPlay to work only once. I have been unable to repeat my success.

To play all the videos in a folder, press PLAY on the folder.

You can also go into the folder and press PLAY on a video, and it will start there, then continue to the next without interruption.

Thanks. It works, and is so easy.

I think that I understand AutoPlay now as well. Is it designed for playback to start as soon as the library is loaded?

Not sure about that.  I’ve never tried AutoPlay.  :)