How do I create a safepoint for my primary MyCloud device on a secondary, offsite MyCloud device?

I bought two MyCloud devices.  One is installed at our small business and is set as the primary cloud device to store all business and personal files.  We bought the second one with the intent of using it as an offsite backup for the primary device.  We plan to insall it in our home.  I’m not exactly sure though what I need to do to get these two devices in differnt locations to “see” each other.  Then, how do I configure the primary device to backup to the secondary device automatically?

I’m definitely new to this and appreciate any advice you have!

You cannot do this out of the box, unless you are familiar with Linux and access the NAS through SSH.

The SafePoint feature is designed to backup to a device on the same network as the NAS or to the USB disk attached to the NAS.

If you are familiar with Linux, you might be able to do what you want with rsync

For exampole, check out

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