How do I connect two My Book World drives to each other w/ USB?

I have two My Book World Drives–an edition I (1TB) and an edition II (2TB Raid 1).  Currently, both of these drives are connected to my wireless hub and I can access both from either windows or ssh.

I want to connect the two drives to eachother using a USB cable.  I presume that by doing this, I’d be able to transfer the files from one drive to the other faster (over USB) than my wireless network–where I get only about 750 kb/s.  My question is, once I have a USB cable running between these two drives, how do I access one from the other?

I’m guessing this is possible because on the back of my My book World Edition II drive’s box, there’s a picture of it connected to another WD drive with the words, “Use the USB port to add more storage.”

uhuh. nope. At this moment this is not possible. Usb port on the MBW allows you to use another external drive to backup the MBW , you can not connect another NAS trough that.

You can’t do it. The USB port on the MBW is to recognize NTFS, FAT and HFS+J drives as shown on your user manual, while the file system of the MBW is EXT3