How do I connect a NetCenter drive to a Mac?

Hi, I have an old NetCenter drive in impeccable condition. I’d like to be able to connect with my Mac (running El capitan) to format it before I hook it up to my router. Could someone please tell if this is even possible? If it is, what kind of data cable do I need to accomplish this? I tried using a regular ethernet cable and hooked it up to my Mac using a thunderbolt adapter but I couldn’t see the drive in disk utility.

Any assistance on this would be deeply appreciated.

This is a legacy device and the unit’s User Manual is no longer available in WD’s Support site. I am not aware if it can be formatted. As an Ethernet unit, I would presume you would have to connect it to your router and map it using the SMB protocol, as explained in the following link:

Unfortunately, I am not aware of the device’s default name, which means you would need to verify the IP address assigned to it by your router. Additionally, incompatibility with legacy protocols no longer used by your system may not allow it to operate.