How do I connect 2 WDTV together on one network

My laptop sees both WDTV’s but I can’t connect one to the other.  My main WDTV has a 300gb HD attached via usb and is networked with the other WDTV.  I want to be able to watch movies stored on my main WDTV through the other WDTV. Both are at SW 1.06.15.  Any suggestions appreciated,  Thanks

Hi, follow the link bellow for the steps to share the hard drive that is connected to the WD TV.

@Alucardx23 - thanks for the pointer but I guess I may not have stated my intent clearly.  The main WDTV called Den has a 300GB velociraptor attached via USB.  The second WDTV called Bedroom is the one I am try to connect to the Den unit.  They are both on a hard wired network using a netgear router.  My PC sees both units fine but I can’t get the Bedroom WDTV to see the Den WDTV where the movies are stored.  Hope this clarity helps.  Thanks