How do I backup to My Clour Mirror?

Cannot backup to My Cloud Mirror from Windows 10. Free download 3rd party software from WD doesn’t recognize My Cloud Mirror as a valid WD device and will not install. Seems to be a very common issue on the web… So far very disappointed with my purchase and thinking of buying another backup solution. WD makes great hard drives, but their software … not so much

Probably not the software, check your network services, make sure you aren’t set to a Public level on your network settings, make sure that SSDP Discovery service is running under your services. Also make sure that Client for Microsoft Networking is installed and enabled under your network adapter’s properties.

Thanks for the reply, but it really doesn’t help

Frankly, this is too complicated. I can see the drive, I can drag and drop to it from windows file explorer. When I try the windows 10 backup it finds the drive; but says it cannot access the folder with this software. None of the WD software even gets that far. Smartware asks me to buy an upgrade to Smartware Pro before it will do anything. WD Backup can’t find a valid WD device. I try the 3rd party software included as a free download from the WD support site and none of the Apps can find a valid WD product so they won’t even install. Sorry, but the WD My Cloud Mirror setup software really didn’t do much. As a backup solution WD My Cloud Mirror is a failure if you’re an average Windows 10 user (unless maybe you’re much more saavy with Windows networking, I’m only an MSEE and wouldn’t have bought this product if I’d have known there were hours of debugging involved…). As a network drive it seems to work and it works on my Mac because Time Capsule readily finds it and can do all the work. Bottom line is there are a lot of people on the internet with this same issue because the WD Software simply doesn’t work for the purpose they sell this product for.

Anyway, I do appreciate the prompt response

-Kevin Bishop

If i understand you right you want to backup your MCM to an another computer. I use for this the little programm DSynchronize. It backups my MCM to an unRAID Server and of course you need a third computer to run that software.