How do I backup Mycloud to my PC?

I am going crazy trying to figure out a way to backup mycloud to a PC on the same network. I would like to schedule it to backup daily, but for the life of me I can not find any software that can do this. Any recommendations?

Do you own a My Cloud Home? Have you asked this in the Knowledge Base?

User Manual: My Cloud Home and My Cloud Home Duo (

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I do have a my cloud home, I have not asked this question in the knowledge base. I tried contacting WD support and they recommended acronis true image, but I get stuck on the log in page for the NAS. The WD my cloud username and password will not log me into it and I have found no info anywhere on where to find the log in info that is needed.
At this point I think I might just switch to a Qnap nas as it seems to have all the backup functions I am looking for natively. I really like my cloud and its ease of setup and use, but the lack of back up functions other than backing up to it are really frustrating.

The installation is geared towards a home user so it is simple and explicit as outlined in the manual page 8 (or 13 on the PDF). You have to create the user and password the first time if the My Cloud Home (MCH) has been correctly plugged into your router/switch and powered up the first time. They tell you to use a phone or tablet, but you could also go to mycloud dotcom on the PC or Mac and create a password, and since the MCH is an internet cloud device so an internet connection is required to finish the installation. Page 8 of the manual also tells you to enter a number if the MCH is not automatically detected.

… As to the original question about figuring out a way to do scheduled backup, you could try any number of free backup programs such as Freefilesync (be sure to get an install without malware) and run Windows task scheduler or macOS automator and calendar. See this link:

Schedule Batch Jobs
Create a new batch job via FreeFileSync’s main dialog: Menu → File → Save as a batch job…