HOW do I Backup my MACbook Pro photos to WD External Hard Drive?

Looking for the MAC software to backup all my photos and texts. I see it is offered for Windows but can’t find the software to program the WD My Book 3T External hard drive. The WD is only backing up the general info on my Mac BookPro computer. Don’t know where to go and how to program it to also backup other items, like all my pictures.

Try SilverKeeper or FreeFileSync. I use both and are built for Macs. Google for them.

If you bought the Mac specific version of the WD drive, there should likely be Time Machine backup on it I would assume, unless you formatted the drive and blew off all supplied Mac software on drive.

For now, you can just copy the folders and files you want on to the external drive by normal copy methods, just so you have them on the drive, ASAP.