How do I backup my computer after reinstalling my operating system?

My computer crashed and I had to reinstall my Windows 7 operating system and all my programs.

I have a WD My Passport 2T external drive with both a full backup of my computer and also several files that I manually saved to the drive that I access directly from time to time.

How do I run another full backup of my compuer without losing the files I manually saved? I have files on the external drive that are not in my computer and with no other backup so I do not want to lose them.

I appreciate any help I can get.

What backup program did you used? 

I backed up my computer with my WD 2T drive. As I mentioned in my post, I also have files manually backed up on the same drive. I can see all my manually saved files when I open the drive and I can’t remember how to do a full backup and don’t know if doing so will erase my manually saved files.

I hope this is clearer. Let me know if you need more info from me in order to help me out.

Hi Inchigo,

I sent you a reply on Sunday and would appreciate more assistance with my question.



Hi again MF_WD, sorry for the delay. I was asking to know if you used Smartware, Windows Backup or any other backup program to backup your files. If you used Smartware or Windows backup to backup your files, they wont delete any previous backups or files you already have. If you used another program, check the help file for more information. 

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Thank you Ichigo for your reply.

Since my computer crashed and I reinstalled my Windows & OS, I no longer have the Smartware software. Can you tell me where to get the software and if I need to download the latest version. I have a 2T WD My Passport with a 3.0 USB that is also compatible with 2.0 USB.

Thanks again for all of your help.

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Hi again, check the links below for the steps to install Smartware and the instructions on how to recover your files. You can also recover your files manually by exploring the smartware.swstor backup folder inside the Passport and copy and paste your files back to the PC.

Smartware Download

Check page 48 for the steps to recover your files.

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Hi Inchigo,

I apologize for all my questions and I now have another one. I clicked your link and do not know if I need to dowload the firmware or the smartware or both. Also since these are updates, will they work if I don’t have another version installed on my computer.

The firmware notes say to have a backup of everything on the drive in a separate place. I have many traning videos on the external drive that would take hours for me to backup on my computer. I do not want to lose these trainings since it is my only copy. What would you advise in this case?

with gratitude

No problem MF_WD, you only need to download the Smartware software, the firmware update is not necessary. Let me know if everything goes OK. 

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Thank you so much Ichigo for all your help. I am in the process of backing up my computer now and feel relieved that all my manually saved files are still on my external drive.


how do I install my passport ultra ,I need to intall and do backup after install new os?

appreciate any help. thank you