How do I backup android contacts to mycloud

I know I can backup photos & videos, but how do I backup android contacts to mycloud?

Android contacts are synced with your GMail account that was used to setup the Android device.

To sync/copy your contacts to the My Cloud would require the use of a third party app that has the capability to sync or copy the contacts to an NAS device (either locally or remotely). Check the Android/Google store for such an app if it exists. Or log into the Gmail account and export the contact list and save it to your My Cloud.

Seems convoluted. With it already backing up photos, why not anything I want it to?

How is WD supposed to know what you (or I) want the software/apps to do beyond what they currently do unless one asks for it like say in the Software & Apps Ideas subforum?

Others HAVE asked for a contacts backup feature. But the chances of WD actually implanting such a feature is probably very slim any time soon if at all.

There are various apps (Helium, Super Backup, SyncMe Wireless for example) that will backup an Android device to an NAS (on the same local network) but don’t know of any that specifically will backup just contacts to an NAS.

As previously indicated one can backup their Contacts which their Android device syncs to their Google Gmail account by logging into their Gmail account, then select Contacts > More > Export then follow the on screen directions. Once the file is exported one can copy the exported file to their My Cloud or any other location for backup.

Also one’s cellular provider may also offer an option to backup the smartphone contacts. For example Verizon Wireless in the United States has an app called “Cloud” that will backup the Verizon Wireless Android contents (and other items) to one’s Verizon Wireless cloud storage account.

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Cause WD choose not to. And Sysnology, and Qnap, and just about all NAS vendors (at least that I know…). And since Google and Apple made it very easy to backup contacts, it might never occur.

An Android option would be to export all your contacts to a vcf (vCards) file and then copy that file to mycloud via ES File Explorer. Took me less than 3 mins to do so.

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you can connect your phone with your Google account, simply go to Settings > Privacy on your phone check “Back up my settings” and “Automatic restore.” To know other solution to backup android contacts

The android device data transfer was a long question, i think it’s very convenient to use a mobile phone file transfer and backup app to help. Try Coolmuster Android Assistant, just few simple steps to transfer everything from your phone to computer.
how to backup contacts android

I think you can use an android file transfer app to transfer your contacts to computer to keep your contacts safe.

Just use the Google account, you can easily backup the data from your android phone. Some data transfer tools are also good choice for you to backup phone contacts.

If you have Google account, then add it on your phone. After that, you can sync contacts to Google cloud.

I backup contacts through importing and exporting them with Android Manager tool. To export android contacts to computer is more safe and easy for us to edit.

As you said , to backup phone data , the first thing we need to do is move data to computer from Android phone,
The Phone To Phone transfer tool can help you to transfer contacts and backup contacts to computer ,

As report goes , we have 2 way to backup contacts from Android phone ,
Way 1 : We can use backup tool to directly backup contacts on computer ,
Way 2 : We can transfer Android contacts to computer , then back up contacts to computer ,
to be honest, the second solution will be more safe ,

The way to transfer contacts from Android phone to computer, you can use Android data assistant tool, and then you can quickly move the contacts to your computer, after few steps, you can easily backup all the contacts on computer.