How do I add my pictures, videos, and music from my book live?

I have a mac book pro and it has done time machine to back up everything. How do i get this added to the external hard drive and access my stuff from the app? Any help I would greatly appreciate!

I have never tried it, but…

go into the MBL Web Interface

go to Shares

Select the TimeMachine share

Turn Media Serving to All

Then go to System

go to Media tab


That might do it, but might not if Time Machine does not do a direct file copy. If it does not work you will have to copy the files into Public that you want to see.

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i have question what is the mbl?

MBL = My Book Live

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Lol. I figured that out now. I have another question and that is how do I view videos, pictures, and movies from the app on my phone and ipad? do I copy the pictures from iphoto into the public file for the hard drive?

That is probably the easiest way to do it. Just copy them to the folders in Public. 

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