How do I add a new folder to MyCloud?

How do I add a new folder?  When I right click, there is no option to add a new folder… . see attachment

(PS… where is the user guide for this, so I can figure this out for myself… thx)

You need to add a new share using your NAS admin UI. Then you will see the share in the view you are lookint at.

Here is a link to the User Manual for the My Cloud.

Here are a couple of ways to add folders. In the My Cloud App click on the page icon out next to the share name and use the drop down list. See image below.


On your computer under Network and the WD My Cloud right click on the share or folder then choose New. See image below.

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cat0w (USA)

Thanks for the reply, and the user manual link

The method you suggest for addiing folders, I have no problem with… I can easily add folders to the ‘existing’ folders originally set up by MyCloud… ie, the Public, Smartware, and TimeMachine folders, as well as my own Paul folder.

What I was looking for was a method of adding a new top level folder, ie, side by side my Paul folder, not ‘within’ my Paul folder.  Is this not possible?

forgive me, but can you explain to me how to add a new share?


oops… disregard… I just figured it out.  thanks!

I added a new share folder, but how do I ensure it is private and secure, and not open to the public?

Look in the User Manual>Making a Share Private, P. 57, see if this is what you want.

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