How do I add a network share to MyCloud EX2 Ultra?


i have part of my media library on another NAS and I’d like to access it from the PLEX instance on my WD MyCloud Ex2 Ultra.

This seems to work perfectly fine when I login via SSH, add a cifs mount to /etc/fstab and then use “mount -a” to apply the changes.
However, once I reboot the MyCloud, everything is reverted: the mount point as well as my /home/root/.smbcredentials file are deleted and the /etc/fstab is reset to default.

Can anyone tell me how to make my changes persistent?

Thank you!

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I had this issue too but for a totally different script. The solution that worked for me was to install Docker and run a custom script that persisted across reboots and OS updates.

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Thank you for the suggestion… I see how this would probably work, but setting up docker for essentially executing two shell commands (“mkdir /mnt/drive”, “mount //unc/path /mnt/drive params”) seems like overkill to me.

What I would prefer would be
a) an option to preserve modifications I made via ssh (preffered, as this would allow me to install custom linux stuff)
b) some easy way to execute commands on startup, without installing additional software. (a persistent, modifiable startup script?)

Does anything like that exist?

I could not find an easy way to do this but you could create an app for OS 5 to do this. Surely easier than Docker - if you’re comfortable creating an app…