How do I activate My Passport on more than one operating system and multiple PCs using XP Vista 7,8

I have a dual boot system on one 1tb internal hard drive w Windows 7 & Windows Vista.

I bought a passport 2tb to use for backing up pcs that i fix which use  (XP, Vista , 7, 8) . I connected my passport to Windows 7 on intial install and it showed up as passport drive (l).

I tried to connect it to Vista partition and it dosen’t show up at all. On Security settings is unlocked, can someone help me with this problem?


With windows 7 USB 3.0 works. But for Windows Vista the passport only works with USB 2.0 connection.


I am most glad you have been able to find a solution to the issue you have been experiencing, however, it is quite perplexing. Is the Microsoft Windows Vista partition updated for USB 3.0 backwards compatibility? Some drivers may need newer revisions of Windows, and could explain the reason as to why you are not having this issue while using Windows 7.