How do I access the root filesystem with GUI? (Linux)

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I’m trying to access the root filesystem of the Mycloud Mirror with a gui, not just the shares that I have files stored on. I have it attached to my router, and have enabled SSH, FTP, and SMB…I’m not skilled enough with CLI to do so without being told what to look for.

OS: Fedora Linux 24
I can connect via terminal with ssh -oHostKeyAlgorithms=+ssh-dss sshd@x.x.x.x
This allows me to look anywhere I want and do anything I want with no issue, but I’m too used to a GUI and can’t figure out how to do what I am looking to do with just this.

I’m able to connect to the shares with a gui via FTP through Nautilus, but again that only shows me my shared folders available to the user I logged in as. The same is with SMB - I get only the shared folders. I want the root filesystem so I can do as I please.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

So, I figured it out after several hours of searching, and bouncing some ideas off of the people in #fedora

The answer lies here:

Particularly this line:

WD MyCloudMirror uses an outdated, unsecure SSH key type - called DSA. DSA creates DSS keys.

In Fedora 24, the commands to run on your client machine are:


You can then access your MyCloud with a GUI over SSH using this legacy key type by appending “~/.ssh/config” or “/etc/ssh/ssh_config” with:


WD isn’t kidding when they say you do this at your own risk.

Remember kiddies! THIS IS ONLY A TEMPORARY SOLUTION as OpenSSH will be fully distancing themselves from DSA algorithms in the very near future.

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Thanks for sharing this information with the community, hopefully this will help other users that would want to do this.