How do I access the photos I just moved to my passport?

So, I dragged my whole iphoto library (326GB) into the passport icon, and it said it was copying to my passport (took 4 hours).   When I just clicked on my passport, it says it’s only using 42MB and I can’t open any photos.  How do I access them?  I want to delete all of my photos on the computer, but not until I’m SURE they’ve been copied.  Thanks!  Beth


If the drive only shows 42MB used, you probably only moved shorcuts of your pictures.

In order for you to copy or move the files properly, you will need to locate the folder on your computer where the pictures are located and select all the photos and copy that to the Passport

Please note that a real backup is having the same information on different locations. (Passport and the Computer on your case)

Please see the following link for additional information on how to copy or move the files.