How do I access the configuration options for my WD My Book World (White Light) on a Mac


I cannot work out how to configure my drive. In older versions of OS for Mac (pre Yosemite) I think I did but not for a while. 

I think I know the ip address of my drive but when I enter the ip address in safari it doesnt bring up anything. 

Is there an app or anything I need to download? 

I can browse the drive via finder etc with no problem - but non of the settings. 

Can anyone help?

Hello and welcome to thhe WD community.

Try typing the name of the drive.local on the web browser to see if this way you can access the Manager, and also try to get the name from a different computer to see if the unit is accessible, if it is accessible from a different computer then you can get the ip from there and try again on the original computer.

I this does not work i would recommend contacting support: