How do I access my MyCloudPR4100 using Sony Catalyst Browse?

I use my PR4100 to store thousands of video files for my film production business. To speed up browsing and locating these files I want to view them with Sony Catalyst Browser, like I do on my local drives. The connection dialogue box looks like this:
What setting do I need from my WD device and how should I set it up to make this connection, please?

In the WD web interface, go to the shares tab.
Enable FTP access on the share with your data.
Eventually manage the WD users with access to this share.

In the Sony Catalyst browser, use the FTPS protocol.
Address = NAS IP address.
Folder is the share name.
User/pw of the WD user with access to that share.

Alternatively, enable SSH access and use the SFTP protocol (FTP over SSH). Use sshd and the SSH password to login.

Thank you Tfl! I’ll work my way through your instructions.