How do i acces my cloud?

I wanted a simple cloudsolution for all my kids so they can acces all the music and movies on a central disk. WD was a bad choice, because how can i acces it? Nothing seems to work!

First - Did you read user guide?

Which OS are you using?

Did you connect to MyCloud locally or from outside?

Did you map shares?

Give more info about your problem.

Never mind. I returned it to the store. To complicated for me. No more WD for me. I am going to by a simple NAS. 

By the way, which user guide? The aparatus only had a quick starting guide. One page.

Simple NAS?

If you find MyCloud complicated… when you’ll use a “simple NAS” it will be impossible,

The quick start guide has a URL to more documentation. And, yeah, the My Cloud is about as simple as they get…