How critical is a power failure for the NAS

I am wondering how harmful a power cut would be for the NAS. Of course Data that is currently written will be lost.

But what other problems could occur? Could this damage the hardware or data that is not currently transferred?

If nothing is been transferred at the time of the failure it should not be that harmful

you might have a problem if the failure happens while data is been transferred

connecting to a power backup is always good

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Thank you for the answer.

I was asking because i like turning off everything when i go to bed. There is a main-switch that turns off  (cuts power) computer, router, TV, printer…

And so i was wondering how my new NAS would fit in to this. I dont really want to shut it down by accessing dashboard every evening.

So i can either give it its own power supply or just cut power when its in standby.

What would you say about frequent power cutting, but only when the NAS is in standby?