How can you change your user name (email account)?

Hi. Currently my device is not connected to any network. I am trying to change my email account (user name) by logging in to MyCloud, but I don’t see how. I don’t know if the reason is that the device is not connected to any network, or how can I do it.

The email account I used to have is no more working.

Any idea?


@mc1972 This has been answered several times, if you use the search icon at top of page you should be able to find the answer. Use link below for a topic on this.

Ok. Thanks. Not very good news…

You may want to look at the following for more information on My Cloud’s.

Be sure to look at the link I gave you in my first post. It tells you how to change your email.

OK. Thanks a lot. I didn’t see the link before.
I guess I am not able of doing it right now because the device is not connected to any network, and then I can login in the web but I cannot do anything?

I have connected to a Network now but I cannot find the dashboard.
I get a message that the server is unavailable.

@mc1972 If you are using Windows 10 open file explorer and click on Network. Look under Storage and if your device is showing click on it to open the Dashboard. See example image below.

Thanks. I am using MacOs and I succeeded accessing my files in MyCloud.

The only thing I cannot access is my Dashboard, where I want to change my user email account.
I try to enter it and it directs me to this address: and I always get the message that the server is unavailable.

@mc1972 Look at the following and see if it helps.