How can read m4a files through WD2go?


I am using WD2go to listen the music I have in my disk. I am having a problem when I want to listen the .m4a files (from iTunes). It doesn’t work. I installed BSplayer which play only one song, but not the entire album. i have tried to cretad a playing list but WD2go seems to not able to handle that.

any good tip???



Do these M4A files have DRM?

sorry for my ignorance…what’s DRM?

Digital Rights Management.   

Prevents playing on unauthorized devices.

Ok, thanks. I don’t know, i need to check, but I don’t think so, since I have created them myself when importing my music into itunes. I can play the files with my device, with an App I found called BSPlayer, so I assume they DON’T have DRM. The problem is that with this App I can only play the songs one by one, since WD2go doesn’t reproduce m4a files (at least on my devices, a HTC Desire HD and an Assus Prime Transformer).

I my question was, is there any App which allow me to listen to a full album, instead having to select each time a new song? I have winamp, but for any reason WD2go doesn’t propose to me to use it…

Ahhh.  OK.   Yeah, they probably don’t have DRM then.   

I’m clueless when it comes to Android stuff, so hopefully someone else will chime in.

I have been today trying with other Apps, the same issue, I can listen to one single song, but not to the full album as I can do with mp3 files.

So, how people does with itunes files when listening to them from an android device???

WD2go should support these files also!!!