How can I use USB 3.0 plug?

I use a My Cloud 3TB and it have a USB 3.0 port. I try to connect a (really good and fast) flash-drive USB 3.0 and then I’m trying to copy from flash-drive to My Cloud and the speed… well, it ■■■■■. For a 1GB file more than 4 minutes when from the PC to the flash-drive less than a minute.
How I can fix it?

Slow copying from the My Cloud USB port is a well known issue. If you do a forum search you’ll find numerous topics and complaints about it. The workarounds are generally the following.

If you have a large amount of data to transfer it is recommended to connect the USB drive to a computer, connect the computer to the network via Ethernet cable and use Windows Explorer or Mac Finder to transfer the data from the external USB drive to the My Cloud.

If you connect the external USB drive to the USB port on the My Cloud, then do not use Windows Explorer or the Mac Finder to initiate the data transfer/copy. Supposedly what happens if you do is the data flows from the USB drive to the computer and back to the WD My Cloud hard drive, there by giving very slow copying speeds. Even slower speeds if the computer is connected via WiFi rather than Ethernet. The recommendation is to use the WD My Cloud Desktop app (or the WD My Cloud mobile app) to copy folders and files from the USB drive attached to the My Cloud and the My Cloud drive.

Or one could use SSH (enabled via the Dashboard) to initiate the copy of files between the attached USB drive and the My Cloud drive.

More on the various speed issues are discussed at the following thread:

I’ve has to use SSH to do this. Sometimes there is also the need to reset file permissions and file ownership once the files are copied to the My Cloud NAS.

The recent higher end NASs have a Web File Viewer so from the web browser it’s possible to get the NAS to directly copy files to and from USB connected storage and that makes a massive difference. The only problem is that the Web File Viewer seems rushed in construction.

Put it another way… If it was me who would have designed this file viewer and let it go to marker, I would terminate my own own employment, but it does serve it’s purpose.

Hallo i have notice that also copy from the USB drive connected with SSH ( cp -r ) also is VERY slow .

The data flow in this scenario is: a) from flash drive through the My Cloud to your PC, then b) back from your PC through the My Cloud to their folder by utilsing c) the one-and-only network connection bidrectional at the same time.

The speed is slow due to the more or less overloaded network connection and the way, your PC is handling the file copy process. Avoid anything where your PC is “the man in the middle”. SSH command line should be much faster, the USB port is fast enough to support any external drive direct.

Instead of using “cp -r” for the recursive copy job better use “cp -a” which is the same but within Linux not Unix. “-r” preloads the fold and subfolder content and then starts, “-a” is doing the archive job as the data appears. “-a” should be much faster due to the non-existing preloading which is much better for the limitied amoutn of RAM on embedded systems like NAS are.

I will try that one also