How Can i Unblock Netfix USA

How to Unblock Netflix Using PureVPN

Is Netflix US not accessible from your location? Well there are ways to unblock Netflix outside the States, and one of the easiest ways to do so is through a virtual private network (VPN).

Through VPN, you can unblock Netflix, Hulu Plus, and other channels from anywhere in the world without a hassle. Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can watch Netflix through VPN:

1)      Download VPN service.

2)      Choose the IP address/server from a location in the US.

3)      Open Netflix and watch your favorite movies and TV shows.

Want the Netflix US experience on your Smart TV, desktop, smart phone, or tablet? Then download VPN right now and enjoy anonymous browsing with top notch security.

a lot of people here use Unblock-Us   ($4.99 a month)

So I have purevpn on my computer at home (New Zealand) and I have a subscription to Netflix through this vpn connection.  I can watch netflix on my computer with no problem.  However, I want to watch Netflix on my TV in the lounge through my WD TV Live.  When I try to log in through my WD TV Live box Netflix blocks me because it is not going through purevpn’s Smart DNS. 

So, how do I get my wd tv live to use my purevpn Smart DNS?  I have tried changing my router settings but unfortunately Vodafone has them locked.

Cheers  from New Zealand

change the network settings in the WDTV

Well i have been facing same issues !! although people referred me quite alot of smart dns providers and vpn providers !! like Hidemypass and unblock us but personally there speed has been the cause and they often give trouble in mac and IOs … So the newly launched has all that with full streaming speed !! and best customer service !! the only bad thing they have is, they have closed their free trials, but if you insist and may refer some of their old customer than they can get u a free trial for 3 days i believe !!

you can’t change this on the WD

if your router is locked then you’re stuck

running a vpn on your computer, only the computer will be using the vpn connection

you need to be able to run the vpn on your router for everything on your lan (including the WD) to be funneled through the vpn

on a side, note, depending your your WD model and settings, etc … a vpn may not completely solve this

or of coarse it might just work without a hitch, no guarantees