How can I turn on debugging when running a Safepoint?

I have 2 My Book Live 3TB drives, a primary that I use storing music, photos and videos and a secondary that I use as a backup of the primary. I have a safepoint scheduled to run daily to backup the primary drive to the secondary.
I recently noticed that the safepoint is omitting directories and files that contain special characters (e.g. “LesMiserables” since it contains an accented “e”). Based on the research I’ve done I assume this is due to the settings being used by the safepoint software when calling “rsync”. Unfortunately the wdnas.log file (and any of the other log files) doesn’t provide any information about the files that are failing.

  1. Is there a way to turn on the “–debug” option for the safepoint software?
    The /usr/local/NSPT/WDSafe/ program, which I assume executes the safepoint creation/update, has a “–debug” option which will list the files copied to the safepoint (at least as I understand the source code)

  2. Can rsync be made to handle the special characters properly?
    It looks like rsync is being run with the “-rtDviH” options from the code. Can this be safely changed? If so, to which options?

Thanks in advance for the help!


I recommend you email support about this.