How can I synchronize with My cloud device from a different location?

We just started using my cloud EX2100 in our office. We can successfully connect to it and synchronize files between our computers and my cloud device while at work (and in same network with the device).

We can open, edit, save files on a folder located in the cloud device and it synchronizes with other computers.

Nevertheless we have staff who work from different locations outside office. How can I set up the device so they can also synchronize remotely between their computers and the cloud device?

We all share one folder in the device where we save our work progress and we need to synchronize with this folder from everywhere.


WD Sync does not have an option to synchronize with a remote location.

You can try using the remote backup option.
See page 50 of the user manual for detailed information.

Seriously? Isnt that what this guide explains?


You are totally right, My Mistake.

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Thanks for trying to help though, that why we are all here :slight_smile: