How can i stop my cloud pushing the files to all devies

i just want to use my cloud as a Hard drive i can access via the programs without all the data being downloaded on to my pc

what can i do?

Regards Will.

What data downloaded to the PC?

The MyCloud won’t write to your PC unless you install and run a sync program.

You don’t need to install ANY WD software on your PC to make the MyCloud run; you can set it up entirely via the Dashboard, and access it like any other disk, by mapping it as a network drive.

If you haven’t done so, read the user manual; Google will find it very easily.

Thanks for the reply,

yeah im using WD Sync to add the files to my cloud, but how else can i allocated files to be uploaded?

With other non-WD sync software, plenty free out there, if you need sync.
With Windows Explorer, if you just need to copy/paste/delete/etc files. Finder for Macs
With OS’s backup options. Windows and Mac have their own
Manage device with internet browser.

Check manual if you haven’t done so and if this is your first NAS, take the time to play/learn it. Once you mastered, you will be set for file as most NAS devices all behave the same way regardless of brand

I’m sorry; I cannot understand that sentence.

What are you trying to achieve by using the MyCloud?