How can I shere my WD content for everyone in IE or Chrome?

Is it possible to use WD content via browser? (not app)

Windows Explorer should detect your WD My Passport Wireless in the Network section for file sharing without the need of the WD My Cloud app while on your local network.

What Trancer is saying is that, yes, you can share your files on a local network with anyone that has network access. But, you can not share your files over the internet, at least, not by any means we’ve implemented with the drive.

I mean I want to share movies with friends while traveling. without using WD app. Just give access to my WD wireless network. Is it possible?

I will say no. The only way I can do this is via a Pogoplug device with drives attached and this implies the media on a MPW must be copied to the Pogoplug drive.

The MPW wasn’t designed with that purpose in mind. It was designed for wireless on the go. In order to do what you want you will need to get one of the My Cloud network drives.

In my family we use VLC (and Infuse app) to view video on the MPW. Works ok - if you are not to many people viewing different streams via wi-fi at the same time.
The only problem is that all will have the same rights to view and edit content on since the MPW only has one login.