'How can I set up my WD Passport Ultra to work from the USB of my 2015 Toyota Tacoma car audio as just extra storage? Like a 2TB jump drive.'

I have a lot of music on a number of jump drives. using so many of them creates a lot of risk of losing them. Using the WD drive would remedy the problem.

When I plug it in via the usb, the drive immediately posers up and is ready to go. But it’s missing whatever a jump drive has when enables the car audio deck to see and enable the selection of the files on the WD drive.

How can I accomplish this? It’s a perfect solution and WD should be providing this ability anyway. It’s a potential for many more sales. A perfect replacement for those old CD Carousels that were mounted in the trunks of cars.


The Passport Ultra is a plug and play device. Now, I haven’t use a portable drive on a car stereo since the unit will not power up properly.

It could be that the car stereo is not providing enough power to the unit.