How can I see what files Smartware has backed up?

I’ve run Smartware on my new WD drive for the first time and (as you would expect) it has backed up a large number of files from my main drive.

The problem is the total size of documents backed up bears no resemblance to the size of my original documents folder. Same goes for Music, Video and other files. It has backed up far fewer gigabytes than are stored on my main drive. Even worse I cannot see what files it has or has not backed up. They are not visible in Windows Explorer.

Unless I can specify which folders to back up and which not to and unless I can view these folders on the WD drive this feature is worse than useless.

I hope you can help or I am back to using Goodsynch which gives you detailed control of these functions

You can view the files that you have backed  up, using the interface of the drive, but the WD SmartWare does not allow files or folder selection, it backs up categories only.

Since you were asking to see the back up files here is a video so you can see how the retrieval process works