How can I see if the SmartWare software is working?

How can I confirm that SmartWare is working correctly?   

Everytime I click on the try icon a message apears “WDsmart ware encountered a problem and has to close”.  

Is it just siting there doing nothing or actually backing up my files? 

If I try to do a manual  backup  using WD-smartware it consumes so much of my PC’s resources that I can’t do anything else until the back up is finished.   So much for it working silently in the back-ground.  

I’m not impressed.  I think I’ve wasted my money. 

I agree with the waste of money. The information given to uninstall the software and re install should not happen. Its not convinient and WD should have a solution by now. I will say that after I did what was suggested, the software worked fine but when I shut down my laptop for what ever reason,  WD Smartware did not work and the process had to be done again.

I am not liking what I am reading about this so called “smartware”!

And, I’m not seeing any helpful replies.

I’m not a newbie either!

I’m just trying to be well informed with whom I should purchase my future external hard drive.

WD support should be reading and giving helpful replies here!

Again; I’m not liking what I’m not seeing here!

Thank you.