How can i save everything to the my pictures folder when choosing to store by folder

I want to be able to be able to see thumbnail previews of all my photos when accessing files remotely via my ipad.  Looks to me like this is only possible with wd photos and not wd2go.  Is that right?

Wd photos seems to only be able to access the photos in the “My pictures” folder.  If this is true, how can I set my drive so it automatically backsup all my files (including videos and photos) into the “my pictures” folder when I choose the store by folder not category option?  

Right now everything is backing up to a separate wdstorage subfolder for my particular computer.  I tried cutting and pasting my files into the my pictures folder but seemed like some files transfered and some didn’t.  Can I not just cut and paste files and expect them to all automatically move to one place (and continue to automatically backup at the new place)?


Hi, I guess you mean the pictures in the shared pictures folder? Using Smartware you have the option to backup the picture folder that you have on the PC to the my book shared folder. Yes, you can also copy the pictures manually into the my book live. 

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So I went into the smartware program, into the backup tab.  I can’t find an option for selecting which mybooklive folder all my backup files will be placed in.  It automatically puts all my files into a folder named “WD Smartware.swstor”.

What are the steps I need to takke in order to have everything automatically back up to the “Shared pictures” folder (not WD Smartware.swstor) using the Smartware program?