How can I rollback to 3.00.28 from 3.01.19?

Hi anybody knows How can I rollback to 3.00.28 from 3.01.19? Because I can’t connect to my booklive an others windows shares with this new firmware. Thanks

The Link below give you the instructions, but at this moment the firmware 3.00.28 is not available for download in the WD Site. :cry:

roll back to 2.08.13. Then use this link : to updrade to 3.00.28 with usb.

It looks like in the firmware package there is a file named “wdtvlivehub.ver”

If you open the file with notepad you will see a line like the following: 


If you change the version to any number larger than your current installed version i.e: you have  3.01.19 and type in 3.01.20 it should flag the device that there is a “new” firmware, so you dont have to download an old firmware then update, just grab the file linked (thanks headhunter) and edit that file and it should work.

Example of edited line:


File not found!

Someone fix it!