How can I restore files from a PC to a new Mac?

My old PC failed and has been replaced by a MacBook Air.  I would like to restore my files and their folder structure from my backup on my WD My Passport - the PC version, not the MAC version.  The new mac sees the backup drive but only shows it containing one large .bkf backup file.  Is there any way to restore those files (and the folder structure) directly onto the new Mac, or do I need to restore them onto a PC first, then copy them over to the Mac?  Does that PC need to have any special software to be able to serve this interime function?  (I may borrow one from a friend for this purpose.)  The files to be restored are mostly MS Office files (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), pdfs and jpegs. Do you think my old folder organization will survive this process?

Any help the community can offer would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

The files yes

folder structure no

you will drag and drop the files to the computer