How can i replace my 2 x 2TO disks by 2 x 3To disks on my DX4000?

I’ve bought a 2 x 2To DX4000.

I have now bought 2 x 3 To disks

How can i install them on my server ?

Should I restore to default settings to have my 3 To disks used by the server ?

Or is it a way to put one of them and after the other in the server and at the end to extend the data volume ?

Thanks in advance and sorry for my “poor” english

I am not sure.  You should perhaps contact WD.

#1 make sure that the discs are on the supported list.  The model and the dash firmware must match excactly.  Now this list does not list any 3tb drives for the 2 X 2 that you have, but I think they will work as 2tb drives.,-rx4100-,-ds5100,#panam

MAKE A BACKUP FIRST !!!  Save any important data somewhere else.

I think if you add one drive to your box it will autmaticly conevert to Raid 5 and you will have 4 TB useable.  If you had the second drive later it will still be raid 5 and you will have 6tb useable.  (It is only going to use 2 of the 3 TB’s on each disc.  One TB is lost/wasted)

Or if you remove both of your 2tb drives and then put the 2 new 3tb drives in you can do a factory reset, then factory restore and have a 3tb mirror.

This is ONLY if the new drives are on the supported drive list.  A WD RED Drive or similar will do nothing.

Evereything I have typed is just an educated guess.  You should try to contact WD Directly to see if they have more info if these drives are on the supported list.  If they are not on the supported list, see if you can get your money back :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your answer Gramps

My new disks are compatible

WDBBDN0030HNC-NASN 3 TB WD Sentinel Expansion/Replacement Drive 3TB - PAN-AM One 3 TB Hard drive (WD3009FYPX-09AAMB0) DX4000 - 6 TB, 12 TB

Just tried to replace one of the 2 To by one 3 To and the DX4000 start rebuilding so it seems to be recognized.

I will see in a few hours if all is OK after rebuild.

So if I have well understood, i should download the recovery iso from WD site, buy a 16Go USB Key (USB 2 or USB 3 ?)

and start a hard recovery with my 2 x 3 TO disks inside, right ?

No problem for data backup as I was in raid 1 Mode so the data keep avaiable on the 2 To disks.


Yes BIG problem.  Raid 1 is not a data backup.  If the box blew up when you plugged in that drive how would you get your data?

Get an external 2tb usb drive and copy/backup your data to it.

As far as download the ISO, that is up to you.  If the two 2tb drives are old/having problems and you do not want to use them, then yes.

But if you keep all 4 of the drives in the box you will have 6tb of storage.  If you only use the two new 3tb drives, you will have 3tb of storage.

If you now try to use only the two new 3tb drives you will have to reseet everything which means zero out your drives.  SO you must backup your data.

RAID is not a backup.  If there is any thing on the DX you need or would like to keep, you need to make a copy of it.