How can I recover my files from My 500MB WD passport?

I was working on a file on my 500MB WD passport external

When I closed the file, the screen went from bright to opaque, as when a program hangs.
I managed to safely eject the external drive.
I disconnected the external drive from the computer, restarted the computer and then reconnected the external drive.
After reconnecting it, I noticed that it took long to read and then I got a window saying: “Location is not available. I:\ is not accessible.”

I have tried:

  1. Using the cable from a New external drive (Seagate 1TB) on the WD passport - WD passport was not read read
  2. Using the cable from the WD passport on the New external drive - New external drive was read
  3. Using disc utility on WD passport - WD passport not see.

Can you please advise how I can recover my files off of the WD passport?


It is possible the partition got corrupted. I recommend you try with a data recovery software. If this does not work then you should contact a data recovery company.