How can I recover my data from hard drive used in MyBook

MyBook world edition (BLUE RING) is crashed. But hard drive is OK. How can I recover data from the hard drive?

I connect the hard drive as internal disk to PC, but cannot see data.

Thanks for advance!

If that my book contained smartware on the drive it will be virtually impossible to read it with out its inclosure. Try to contact a data recovery company.

try these

Get ready to spend hundreds if you go for data recovery. When you say the drive crashed what do you mean electrical or mechanical problems? Or corrupt data making the drive unusable?


Thanks for your answer!

I have in mind the blue ring of the drive is not blinking and the device is not determined in my network when it’s connected. But HDD is working… :angry:

Did the power adapter adapter die?


Well, just pass this question.  In you case it depends on how your hard drive crashed. Usually the first step to recover the data is by using so-called data recovery utilities, then turn to data recovery services if DR software fail to help.

For data recovery software(they are all free), see these:

TestDisk - 

Recuva -

For hard drive data recovery services,

send it for WD support   or

special data recovery companies like Ontrack…

As to data recovery from wd drive, you can also learn more from this article, 

Thanks for the links I hadn’t seen the last one. One huge problem on data recovery from many of these externals is that they use encryption. If that little board goes bad you’re out of luck except for possible professional data recovery/


Danke. Ich hab das schon  verstanden  :cry:

I’m trying to recover data from my 2tb MBWE disk which is showing as healthy in Win Disk Management. I came across this blog which reports this being successful. I’m trying the free version later tonight but has anyone else used this with success?