How can I play content from multiple folders

I have the WD TV Live, with wireless network connection.

I am trying to figure out how to view pictures or listen to music that is stored in multiple folders.  Seems like WD can only show photos stored in a single folder, same with music.  My photos are organized by year, then month, then date, music is per artist, then folder per CD.

I have tried playing from network storage and from local USB.  If the top folder does not have any pictures, it does not read the subfolders, simply says “no files”.

Any ideas?  Product seems pretty useless without this capability - I have almost 100Gb of photos and over 300 CDs, I can’t put all that into a single folder…


Product seems pretty useless without this capability

Or you seem not to have read the manual. Have you set the media library to on?

Search the forum for reviews on media server programs, I use twonkymedia, sorts everything into Albums, Genre, Favourites and Dates etc.