How can i map unc network to mycluod?

in past its was posiilbe.

i want in my work network to connect to my wdcloud at home but in unc like \…\

how can i do it now?

thanks alot

WD removed the ability to remote map the My Cloud Shares with the release of the OS 3 firmware. There are numerous prior threads complaining about it.

The unofficial solution to remote mapping (using WebDAV) is detailed in the following thread.

Feel free to voice your opinion of WD removing this capability in the following Cloud Ideas thread.

but i didnt understnad how to install and download the WEBDAC /

plz help

The direction for installation are in the link provided above. Did you see the link in that thread that lists the features, setup and other details? If not see this link:

It is not a simple process. It is ONLY for v4.x firmware version My Cloud’s, v2.x firmware My Cloud versions are not supported. The installation process involves enabling SSH within the My Cloud Dashboard and logging into the My Cloud via SSH and issuing the commands indicated in that link. If you continue to have trouble trying to install the module you may want to post in the [APP] CloudDAVMod v1.0 for firmware V4+ (04/2016) thread for additional installation help.

i succed install WEBDAV and the ssh process
but i can to map only local lan

if i exit and connect wan . its didnt work for me plz help

this is the output of installtion:

now i run this -

but i get error

@lioraclev, Since you appear to be asking a specific question about the CloudDAVMod you may want to post your question to the dedicated thread on that module…