How can I make Worspress available from internet

Dear All,

I boght a MyCloud Ex2 NAS and I installed Wordpress.

I also configured Dyndns and I can reach my MyCloud as the following:

I can display the page test.html wi^hich is on /var/www/test.html.

After installing Wordpress, I can see it by typing in the URL http://mycloud/wordpress/, but I can not see it by typing (I changed the real name with mycloud).

I also observed that there is no folder ‘wordpress’ into /var/www/. Then it sems to be normal that the following, does not works or

How can I modify my wordpress configuration of my NAS to make sure that or shows my Wordpress web site?

Many thank for your help


There are no official documents from WD related to the procedure you would like to accomplish. Hopefully an experienced User will be able to assist.