How can I make MyBook World Edition II (Blue Rings) stop overheating after replacing a bad drive?

I have a WD MyBook World Edition II (Blue Rings) (2x1TB) NAS device.

I used to use it in a linear array, until Drive A died, and I lost all my data.  I stopped using it for a while.  Once I had decided that I couldn’t afford to use a data recovery service, I accepted that my data was lost, and I decided to replace the bad drive, change the type to RAID-1, and start using my NAS device again.

Here’s what I’ve found:

  • With both drives installed (the new A and the original B), the device takes about three minutes to boot, and about 2-3 minutes later, the device overheats (both blue rings flashing together), and it stops responding over the network, or doing anything at all.
  • I have tried formatting Drive A in the system, but that’s when it seems to overheat (when it is formatting or synchronizing)
  • If I remove the new Drive A, the device works (with the RAID degraded - no protection) and does not overheat.

Here is where I could use some help/advice:

  • If my observations are correct I should be able to remove the drives and format them in a PC.
  • Since a RAID-1 is just a simple mirror, I should be able to copy the drive image from Drive B to Drive A (though there should not be any data on either drive right now - only formatting)
  • I cannot find any data on how the drives are formatted in this system (FAT, FAT32, NTFS, ext2, ext3, ext4, etc.)
  • Can anyone give me instructions on how to format these drives outside of this device, or better yet, how to properly format these drives and build the array (RAID-1) so that the device can just use them?
  • Is there something I can to do make this NAS device not overheat when formatting or synchronizing?

Any help is greatly appreciated.  I would love to get this device working properly (again).

Changing the drives from the MBW II is not always an easy task

Need to make sure you get same model drive ( same firmware as well most of the times )

As soon as the new drive is installed it should rebuild the raid

if it’s overheating something is wrong with the raid controller

the drives come formatted ext3

there’s no need to format the new drive before installing on the enclosure

Same model and firmware, huh… LOL… I didn’t even use the same brand! I stuck a Seagate drive in there! Is that something
unique about the MWBII? I’ve never had to match models in a RAID before, only capacity and bus type.

:smileyvery-happy: well… no wonder is acting up