How can I get a thumbnail of a VIDEO_TS folder?

I’ve made several backups of my DVDs and am trying to get a thumbnail to show up.  DVD backups are put into a VIDEO_TS folder that contain all the .vob, .ifo, etc. files… So from my root directory I have a directory with the name of the movie and inside that is the VIDEO_TS folder.

For example, w:\movie title\video_ts…

If I place a jpg into the VIDEO_TS folder named VIDEO_TS.jpg it will show the thumbnail once I’ve browsed inside the movie title folder but not in the root folder that shows all my folders that have the actual movie names…  I’ve also tried putting a jpg inside the movie folder with the same name as the folder, ie., movie title.jpg but this doesn’t seem to work.

Anyone else have DVD backups that you run from your WDTV and how did you resolve the thumbnail issue for multiple levels of folders?


You need to name the file “folder.jpg”.

So, just copy your video_ts.jpg, paste it one folder up, rename it to folder.jpg

sounds weird but it worked great!  thanks very much.