How can I get a thumbnail (JPG) of a VIDEO_TS folder? - Tv Live Hub

I’ve made a backups of my DVDs and am trying to get a thumbnail to show up.  DVD backups are put into a VIDEO_TS folder that contain all the .vob, .ifo, etc. files… So from my root directory I have a directory with the name of the movie and inside that is the VIDEO_TS folder.

For example, w:\MovieTitle\VIDEO_TS…

If I place a jpg into the “MovieTitle” folder named MovieTitle.jpg. However the thumbnail it appears as black…

Can anybody help me?

Best regards,

Carlos Loureiro

It would be a lot simpler to backup your dvd’s to iso files instead of full dvd structure.


Thanks for the advise. However this is not a true solution.

I think that must be some bug, because for 2 times the thumbnails haved appear correctly. But i don’t know what I have made…

But thanks, anyway.

Best regards,

Carlos Loureiro

Try using folder.jpg plus are you sure that the thumbnails are OK. You may need to re-save them in another photo program.

I have the same issue.  None of my Video_TS movies show a thumbnail.  It just shoes the movie camera icon in the folder. I’ve tied naming the image folder.jpg as well as naming it the same title as the movie but no dice.

To get the movie cover art  to show up, the cover art thumbnail should be the same name as your folder name and placed in the folder.

So you will have something like this:

Battle Los Angeles (folder)

     Battle Los Angeles.jpg (Cover Art same name as the folder name)

     Video_TS (folder)

     Audio_TS (folder)

The cover art does NOT go in the Video_TS folder, it goes in the Movie Name folder.

I tried that and it doesnt work for me for some reason.  I did some messing around and the only way i could get the folder to show an image was to place the name of the first .VOB file in the VIDEO_TS folder as the .jpg.

So for instance I have a folder called Van Halen - Us Festival 1983 and inside is the VIDEO_TS folder wirth all the .VOB’s in it.  If i place an image called VTS_01_0.jpg (the first VOB file) in the VIDEO_TS folder it becomes the thumbnail for the Van Halen folder.

Makes no sense to me but at least I have an image now.

If it doesn’t work the way I decribed, try unplugging the power cord, then plugging it back in.  Once it gets through compiling the library then look to see if it has add the Cover art.

Sometimes the Cover art doesn’t get applied when you put it in the folder.